Dalbert B. Vilarino is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto, Canada, where he was born and raised. His work often features themes related to the distortion and fragmentation of emotions, physical objects, spaces, and the human body.

Dalbert is almost certain that his illustration career will serve him better than his previous life as a failed chemist, or at least make him a more well-rounded person. He passionately enjoys coffee, naps, and small animals, in a barrage delivered at the same time.


For any inquiries please email dalbertbv@gmail.com, or call 416.854.4205. Thank you!


Selected Clients: New York Times, OCAD University, Racquet Magazine, Intercom, Polaris Prize (Shortlist Poster Series), Johns Hopkins Health Review, Cockroach Labs

Selected Exhibitions/Events: Comic Arts Brooklyn, Zine Dream, TCAF, One of a Kind Spring, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Expozine, Drake General Pop-up Store