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Dalbert B. Vilarino is a freelance editorial and conceptual illustrator based in Toronto, Canada. He is interested in the thematic implications of visual distortion and fragmentation of our bodies and emotions. His self-directed work often contains themes of relationships, community, gender, and sexuality.

Dalbert is almost certain that his illustration career will serve him better than his previous life as a failed chemist, or at least make him a more well-rounded person.

He draws, even when no one asks him to.

To get in touch, please email dalbertbv@gmail.com. Thank you!

Selected Clients: The New York Times, OCAD University, WIRED, Polaris Prize (Shortlist Poster Series), The Wall Street Journal, The Globe & Mail, Quill & Quire, Racquet Magazine, University of Toronto Medicine Magazine, Intercom, Johns Hopkins Health Review, Jacobin

Selected Exhibitions/Events:



One of a Kind Spring Show
TCAF (Wowee Zonk Small Press Section)
Toronto Art Book Fair
Zine Dream


TCAF (Shared table with Wavering Line)
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
Comic Arts Brooklyn 
Zine Dream
Drake General Pop-up Store