102nd Graduate Exhibition Promotional Design. OCADU
 Part of a series of risograph prints exploring extremities of emotion.
 On gender identity, loss, and remembrance.
 Distillation of a few ideas from my graduating thesis, exploring potential human mutations that would allow us to address everyday circumstances/issues.
 On ineffectively hiding depression.
 Democracy Without Politics. New York Times
 How to avoid negative criticism/commentary
 When a Chatbot Becomes Your Best Friend [alt. colour version]. Narratively
 Non-commissioned promotional design for Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017.
 On the nature of the activism carried out by the teen survivors of the Parkland shooting. New York Times.
 From of a series called 'The Kid', exploring fashion, appearance, and emotion.
 On building/creating. Intercom
 On the potential application for DNA-programmable microbots in the human body. Johns Hopkins Health Review
 Every John McEnroe Has His Bjorn Borg. Racquet
 New England Flower Identification Club (Autumn Version)
 On the difficulty of finding God within the Catholic Church.
 Preoccupation with technologies, while ignoring the ideal version of those technologies. Intercom
 Cannabis as an exit drug, as opposed to a gateway drug. University of Toronto Medicine Magazine
 Galaxy Eater
 A house to retire to, with no geographical coordinates.
 Universe Insect. Non-Comissioned.
 Digital Manual cover for ‘Benchmarking CockroachDB 2.0:A Performance Report’. CockroachDB
 Rejected submission to a publication.
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