102nd Grad Ex Promotional Design. Client: OCADU
 Part of a series exploring extremities of emotion. Personal
 Illustration made to accompany the short story 'Every John McEnroe has his Bjorn Borg.' Client: Racquet Magazine
 Distillation of some ideas from my graduating thesis, involving human mutations that allow them to address everyday circumstances/issues.
 Democracy Without Politics. Client: New York Times
 How to avoid negative criticism/commentary. Personal
 Promotional Design for Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017. Personal
 Poster made for the Polaris shortlisted album 'Twin Solitude' by Leif Vollebekk. Client: Polaris Music Prize
 Part of a series called 'The Kid', exploring fashion, appearance, emotion, and mark-making. Personal
 On the difficulty of finding God within the Catholic Church
 Preoccupation with technologies while ignoring the ideal version of those technologies. Client: Intercom blog
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